Business consulting & compliance

We offer consulting solutions for businesses that enable owners and company management to be confident in the company’s efficient financial functioning. We help our clients to create the company’s strategy in an optimum manner, to plan financial activity and to take the company to a new level of development.

We offer a product addressed to the founders of new business projects (Start Up). This product includes the pursuit of the following procedures and activities by our experts:

1. Development of a financial and economic scheme for the project. Risk identification.

2. Determination of the most appropriate legal structure of the project. (Selection of the most profitable form of ownership and structure of the future business taking into consideration the specific features of the sector).

3. Development of a tax model of the project. Identification of risk zones. Development of a strategy to optimize the tax burden. Determination of optimal jurisdictions for the project.

4. Preparation of a detailed business plan for the project, taking into account the following aspects:
– building financial forecasts, budgets, calculation of key indicators of the project taking into account the requirements of the investor

– analysis of the structure and completeness of all items of expenditure/income

– development of the scheme of cash flow, identification of risk zones

– testing of the financial stability and autonomy of the project (evaluation of the project’s real possibilities to generate positive cash flow on a continuous basis)

– development of an optimal structure and mechanism of investment

– tax planning

– SWOT-analysis of the project

5. Development of an organizational structure and internal control system for the project.

6. Development of a personnel chart and workflow system for the project.

7. Setting financial, tax and management accounting as well as accounting for the investor.

8. Providing the functions of a project financial overseer (control of financial discipline pursuit, achievement of financial goals, preparing reports for the investor, cooperation with the investor concerning finance on behalf of the project, presentation of the financial results of the project).

9. Smart Start (support of project start, choice of software, setting of accounting, development of reporting forms for the investor, ensuring of communication between the project participants and the investor).

10. Ad-hoc audit and consulting.

11. Representing the interests of the project in the controlling bodies and financial institutions