Business consulting & compliance

We offer consulting solutions for businesses that enable owners and company management to be confident in the company’s efficient financial functioning. We help our clients to create the company’s strategy in an optimum manner, to plan financial activity and to take the company to a new level of development.

The M&A process is a multilevel and multivariate decision-making process, requiring considerable organization and concurrence of actions of all divisions of a company, group of companies or holding:
This process usually involves a number of activities:
1. The choice of the form of mergers and acquisitions (acquisition or exchange of corporate rights, change in the corporate structure, reorganization of legal entities).
2. The design of the updated business structure and ownership structure, development of mechanisms of the transfer of assets and property rights protection;
3. The development of the concept and plan of activities, including both legal actions related to ensuring the process of mergers and acquisitions, and actions aimed to ensure the transfer of contractual rights and obligations.
4. The execution and control of the developed plan of activities.

Our Company’s experts have significant experience of participation in mergers and acquisitions processes, that allows offering the “turnkey” organization counselling in the M&A process, as well as any of its stages.
In particular, we are ready to offer:

– a full Due Diligence Review, as well as any of its parts (financial, tax, legal)

– support for performing the inventory of the company assets and liabilities

– advice on various aspects of taxation, accounting, law or financial management

– services on business structuring and tax planning (including international)

– concept development and/or schedule for M&A process