Tax consulting

Our experts have long-term practical experience in the real sector of economy, international audit companies, and state tax authorities. With a comprehensive view of the problems of taxation, we can offer tax advice regarding the application of legislation in almost every sphere of activity.

Sooner or later every taxpayer faces tax inspection, the results of which for him is not always favorable and may fully or partially contrary to law.

In addition, many payers do business, responding to unwarranted requests of tax authorities on various aspects of economic activity of such taxpayer.

In such situations, the taxpayer cannot do without skilled assistance of tax consultants or tax attorneys.

The reputation of our tax practice provided many years of experience, carefully crafted legal positions and high-quality approach to the preparation of court evidence.

We have experience in judicial review of major categories of disputes with tax authorities, such as:

– challenging the right to receive expenses and a tax credit based on the assessment link the individual expenses of the taxpayer with its economic activity,

– recognition by the tax authorities is negligible individual transactions of a taxpayer or not corresponding to real economic activity,

– disputes relating with the assessment of individual defects in the primary documents or tax invoices,

is the non – acceptance of tax returns

– unjustified cancellation of the certificates of VAT

– disputes related to the calculation and payment of taxes from the activities of non-residents in Ukraine.