An audit is an examination of accounting data and the financial statements of a business entity, performed by an auditor in order to form an independent opinion on the validity of the information presented in all material respects, and its compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, accounting principles (standards) or other rules (internal regulations of a business entity) according to user requirements.

A special purpose audit implies a focused audit aimed at certain areas of accounting/financial statements.

During such an audit, we examine certain sectors of accounting/activities, such as:
• Prescribed use of funds
• Examinationof the statutory fund formation
• Correctness of accounts receivable and/or payable
• Correctness of interest accrual on loan agreements
• Examination of compliance with contract conditions
• Providing an assurance relative to specific expenses
• Correctness of inventory items accounting
Direction, timeframe and volume of a special purpose audit are always agreed with the client.