Tax advice

Business activities are associated with a significant amount of tax risks as tax legislation is, to a large extent, confusing and contradictory. Frequent changes in legislation introduce additional uncertainty and the need for constant maintenance of the competence of financiers and accountants.

Our experts have long-term practical experience in the real sector of economy, international audit companies, and state tax authorities With a comprehensive view of the problems of taxation we can offer tax advice regarding the application of legislation in almost every area of activity.

Our consultations give users complete clarity on the issue, the possible ways to solve the problem as well as an understanding of the risks associated with implementation in various scenariosof event processing.

We have an extensive standard tax solutions database, but we are always ready to offer an individual solution for the needs of each particular client.
Among the solutions offered by the our company, we should emphasize services provided on the development of internal control elements in those areas of tax accounting that cause the most keen interest from regulatory authorities, such as:
– confirmation of expenses on promotion of products, marketing and advertising
– document processing of credit notes, discounts, bonuses and other similar instruments of sales promotion
– recommendations on accounting tax differences and deferred taxes
– documentary evidence of representative expenses and other similar kinds of expenses (maintenance of passenger cars, mobile phones and travel expenses, etc.)
– recommendations and accounting policies for entities operating in the intermediary services sector (commission and agent activity, agency and forwarding agreements, travel agencies, etc.)
– tax consulting during mergers, acquisitions and reorganization processes