Business consulting & compliance

We offer consulting solutions for businesses that enable owners and company management to be confident in the company’s efficient financial functioning. We help our clients to create the company’s strategy in an optimum manner, to plan financial activity and to take the company to a new level of development.

In order to ensure economic and legal business security, and guarantee compliance with the law it is important to provide your company with the necessary internal instruments. These are methodological documents, such as: accounting policies, rules, regulations, standards that are sets for rules and regulations designed to minimize possible deviations in the functioning of a company and protect it from legal risk. In addition, these documents function as “a green corridor” for the company in case of a collision with the “holes” in the law and protect them from unlawful actions of regulatory bodies. We have extremely extensive experience in drawing up the following documents:

• Accounting policy (accounting and tax records)
• Accounting policy (management accounting)
• Accounting policy (IFRS)
• Regulations on transfer pricing
• Pricing and discounting policies
• Regulations on formation of production/services cost
• Regulations on accounting of intellectual property rights
• Regulations on business trips
• Marketing policy for FMCG-sector companies and pharmaceutical companies
• Job descriptions for senior management
• Job descriptions for financial department professionals, and others

In compiling any methodological document we, in all cases, take into account all the specific features of each client (sector, established corporate tradition, exposure to legal risks, user software environment, the level of the internal control system, the influence of external factors, etc.).

Our goal is to provide you with a powerful and effective instrument that complies with the relevant laws and requirements of the business environment.