Business consulting & compliance

We offer consulting solutions for businesses that enable owners and company management to be confident in the company’s efficient financial functioning. We help our clients to create the company’s strategy in an optimum manner, to plan financial activity and to take the company to a new level of development.

Information technology has become an integral part of the daily activities of any company. However, all organizations need to ensure that the use of IT brings benefits, despite the possible risks.

Risks such as information leaks, human factor, error in manual data processing, violations in automated business processes managing systems loss of data actuality – can lead to negative consequences for business (both to financial losses and a degradation of company reputation).

In addition, the information environment should meet the needs of your business: to be comprehensive, but not to lose its mobility, to be simple and understandable for all users, but firmly “closed” against unwanted intrusion.
An IT-audit is an independent expert examination of your company information environment (software, business processes automation system, communication system) from the perspective of the existence and development of ways to eliminate the risks of information system functioning.
During the IT-audit, our experts work closely with the IT-department of your company as well as the key users of the system locally (finance department, accounting department, purchasing department, sales department, administration, etc.). Our auditors examine the information system in depth, conduct test procedures, surveys, model and simulate the situations under which they identify those system areas that need correction.

An IT-audit result is a report for management, including a complete list of identified risks, as well as recommendations for their elimination. If necessary, our experts will supervise the implementation of such recommendations.
Nowadays the risk-free information environment is an obligatory condition for the successful operation of any business, as it is a guarantee of data protection, commercial information integrity and confidence in the relevance of data for management decision-making.