Business consulting & compliance

We offer consulting solutions for businesses that enable owners and company management to be confident in the company’s efficient financial functioning. We help our clients to create the company’s strategy in an optimum manner, to plan financial activity and to take the company to a new level of development.

A financial investigation is a detailed examination of the financial and economic activity of an enterprise (or selected direction of such an activity), and business processes in order to prevent the risks associated with infringement or improper use of the property and financial resources of an enterprise.

A financial investigation is a powerful instrument in the hands of the owner and company management that ensure economic business security.

A financial investigation is relevant in the following cases:
• Violations within the company – discovering internal corruption, abuse of power, fraud, theft, manipulation of indexes of financial statements, failure of internal control regulations, or discreditable practices committed by employees
• External influences – false legal actions by third parties, resulting in financial loss of the company, raiding, breach of contractual conditions
• Relationships with partners, customers/suppliers – in the case when there are apprehensions (or proof of an accomplished fact) of owners/management regarding low degree of transparency of such relationships, leading to an outflow of financial resources or to a degradation of company reputation

We have an extensive experience in financial investigations, both as independent experts, and as partners of the security department and/or the internal audit department of the clients.
We provide this service under the terms of a memorandum of complete privacy and we are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information obtained during the investigation.