Examination of the wokflow management system

An effective company workflow system is the key to the successful running of all business processes.
An examination of the workflow system is an inspection of the registration system, flow, acceptance, agreement and storage of both internal and external documents; documents and business processes correlation analysis.
An examination aims to identify “bottlenecks” in the workflow organization in order to optimize the process.
As a result of an examination we develop an individual workflow system project, taking into account the specific business characteristics of the particular client.
The workflow system project involves the development of an overall scheme of paper flow within the business processes of the company, detailed routes of approval depending on activities, document development/improvement of forms of documents to improve their readability, policies, instructions for performing certain operations, etc.

The main advantages of the workflow system examination are:

• Optimization of the internal control system
• Speeding up of a decision making
• Significant improvement of executive discipline
• Reducing the operating costs associated with incorrectly functioning workflow
• Consistency of business processes and their documentation
• Reducing the impact of an “internal bureaucracy” factor
• Increasing transparency of business processes
• Reducing time for flow and handling of documents
• Document loss prevention at any stage of workflow
• Document storage structuring
• Internal and external customer satisfaction
An effective company workflow system iskey to the predictable management of all processes in your company!