An audit is an examination of accounting data and the financial statements of a business entity, performed by an auditor in order to form an independent opinion on the validity of the information presented in all material respects, and its compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, accounting principles (standards) or other rules (internal regulations of a business entity) according to user requirements.

The economic activity associated with significant tax risks, because the legislation in the field of taxation largely confusing and contradictory.

Frequent change of legislative norms only introduces additional uncertainty and the need for continuous maintenance of the competence of specialists in the financial services and accounting.
Our specialists have years of practical experience in the real sector of the economy, international audit companies, tax authorities. Having in-depth look at the problems of taxation, we can offer tax advice regarding the application of the legislation in almost every sphere of activity.
Our consultations provide users a comprehensive view of their subject, the possible ways of solving the task, as well as understanding the risks of realization of those or other scenarios.

We have a large database of standard tax, but always ready to offer individual solutions for individual client needs.
Among the solutions offered by our company, we should also emphasize development services elements of the internal control system on areas of tax accounting, which cause a particular interest in regulatory bodies:

– confirmation of payment for product promotion, marketing and advertising;
– documentation of credit notes, discounts, rebates and other similar tools of sales promotion;
– recommendations on the organization of the account of tax differences;
– documentary proof of the representation and other similar costs (the content of light vehicles, mobile phones, travel expenses, etc.);
– recommendations and accounting policies for entities engaged in its activity in the provision of mediation services (Commission and Agency, contract of Agency, freight forwarding, activities of travel agents, etc.);
– tax advice on mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations.