Tax consulting

Our experts have long-term practical experience in the real sector of economy, international audit companies, and state tax authorities. With a comprehensive view of the problems of taxation, we can offer tax advice regarding the application of legislation in almost every sphere of activity.

In addition to providing consulting services on a one-time basis, we offer our clients the format of a subscription support that allows providing information support in real time.

Our clients who have concluded a contract with us on subscription client support, may at any time consult by phone or email for advice or clarification regarding problematic issues of taxation and accounting, corporate financial management, as well as issues that require legal advice. In our turn, we provide an answer in the shortest possible time. For subscription support clients the range of oral consultations is unlimited.

In addition, standard subscription client support includes a fixed time for on-site consultations of the client’s employees (for example in the client’s office) or participation in negotiations with the client’s contractors or the tax authorities.